The debate continues on whether you should go disposable or rechargeable for your electronic cigarettes.  I say go both!

Every situation calls for something different when it comes to electronic cigarettes.  When I travel, I use disposable and when I’m home on my daily routine (i.e. work, errands), rechargeable makes more sense.  The reasons are vast but to narrow them down, it breaks down like this…

Disposable requires no cords, or flavor cartridges to lug around or worry about.  You puff until they are out of nicotine, usually 300 puffs or equivalent to around 30 traditional cigarettes, then you toss them.  As you can see, this is ideal for travel situations as less to pack and less to worry about.

Rechargeable, on the other hand, is good for long term, money saving electronic cigarette use.  All you chords and cartridges are stored at home in a drawer.  Charge the electronic cigarette at night, when sleeping and you’re good to go for the day.  Makes sense right?

So whatever you choose, enjoy your electronic cigarettes and save money from not smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes.  Smoke anytime and anywhere!